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  • Eglips Slim Fit Shading

    • Multi Shading to create Perfectly Chiseled Face
    • Natural Shade of Color that Blends Naturally to your skin color
    • Enhanced Formula for Extra Long Staying Power
  • Eglips Cheek Fit Blusher

    • Fine particles that covers perfectly and fix all unevenness
    • Natural look that last all day long
    • Blurring Effect that remove enlarged pores and skin imperfections
  • Eglips Color Fit Eye Palette

    • Delicate and Smooth Texture
    • Combination of matte and glitter to produce luster sheen
    • Easy and Convenient, one touch to produce beauty effect
  • Eglips Blur Powder Pact – Peach (Limited Edition)

    • New Peach Limited Edition 2019
    • Sweet Peach Flavor with Cute Peach shaped Puff
    • Finely coated powder particles smoothly fills up the enlarged pores naturally
    • Amethyst and pearl powder makes the skin looks bright and radiant
    • Lecithin-coated formula makes it light and comfortable to wear in the day, even with a few layers
  • Eglips Matte Fit Lip Lacquer

    • Light Texture but Rich Colors!
    • Super Long Lasting throughout the day
    • Non Sticky Power Matte Texture wears comfortably
  • Eglips Muse in Velvet Lipstick

    • Ultra Light Velvet Texture
    • Ultra smooth application
    • Long lasting and moisturizing
    • 5 Calm tones of MLBB colors

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